Claudia P 
Verified Customer Review

So far so good. Thanks for reaching out for a follow up. That truly means a lot.

 Larry W 
Verified Customer Review

Excellent machine , good price and excellent communication from the Woodland Mills team !

 Steven M 
Verified Customer Review

It's a great money maker and great for building things we need without having to go pay money at the lumber company .

 Kyle M 
Verified Customer Review

I love my HM122, easy to use, runs great, and cuts great results! Would highly recommend this mill. My only wish is, I went with a bigger model to make wider cuts. I love this mill, very fun.

 Paul P 
Verified Customer Review

The mail works perfect no issues satisfied with a service. This mail is all I need to do the jobs that I have at hand thanks very much.

 Bradly M 
Verified Customer Review

I love this mill. We’ve been through thousands of board feet in 30 days. Brenna was very helpful with ordering and shipping my mill and blades to Hawaii. I would recommend this to anyone considering the enjoyment of owning a mill. Thank you Woodland Mills.

 Mitch T 
Verified Customer Review

I love it!!! Great machine. Cuts right through the hardwoods like Koa, Sandlewood and Monkeypod with little effort. Aloha Mitch Taylor Kona Hawaii

Verified Customer Review

I’ve spent about 3 years using an Alaskan sawmill. Finally wanting more of a hobby/production mill for our farm I decided to do some research on bandsaw Mills. After long hours of researching reviews and cost of sawmills I decided to go with the Woodland Mills HM122. Shipping was extremely fast, customer service was awesome and the mill is built extremely well. I’m well on my way milling wood off our property for some furniture and a milling shed. Thanks, Woodland Mills!

 Mark P 
Verified Customer Review

Got this mill to redeem some of the lost trees from hurricane Michael . This mill is everything I thought and more . Have already cut about 1000 Bf of cedar plus pecan & cherry. Making many unique items for the people effected by the destruction after the cat 4 hurricane . Used a few blades but that's how you get a clean cut. Mark

 Rene A 
Verified Customer Review

Works like a charm. Easy to assemble. Good quality

 Kyle H 
Verified Customer Review

I purchased my mill ( HM-122 ) along with the bed extension and a pack of blades in August 2018. Leah at WM was great to work with and answered all my questions quickly by email and phone. The mill arrived quickly, sooner than expected as the shipping rates include Labor Day. While I haven't built anything massive yet,I have cut up a decent pileof softwood boards and beams from fresh deadfall on my woodlot/future back yard. The saw tears through 16" softwood much faster than expected. A second function the saw has been performing well that I didn't plan on is slabbing hardwoods. Ive built my wife a live edge mantle shelf from our own wood and have some really pretty spalted slabs drying in my basement. I haven't cut anything as dense as oak, but it slices Poplar just as well as the spruce, fir, and Hemlock I've run through. Assembly- The package was heavy. I needed to move it to my site by utility trailer and this was a challenge. Follow the directions. I built the head assembly too far from the tracks because I didn't read the directions well enough and needed a tractor to move it in place. Don't do this. It took me a casual day to put together the mill. It went well once I had cribbed a level mounting site, except for one mistake. I stripped the throttle cable lock/adjuster on the Kohler engine and had to machine a new one. It's a tight spot but once set up all was well. I had to align the pulleys out of the box, and the engine tension needed adjustment after a few hours. Engine started first pull. My wood cribbing slowly shifted and I recently replaced it with a steel frame that converts to a trailer. The mill has been outside with the head assembly covered since September. The plated rails show no corrosion, the bolts look new, and the bunks only have corrosion where the powder coating has been damaged by loading logs. The Green rustpaint at Canadian Tire is an exact match, and with yearly touch-ups I expect the chassis to last forever. We don't get many 18"+ logs here (previously cut Acadian forest), and this Mill is a perfect combination of price-point and function to get me sawing and building. I would recommend it, and wish I made the investment sooner.

 Brian N 
Verified Customer Review

Great machine. Excellent customer service. Shipping was quick. Unit is very easy to assemble. Already running some black walnut and red cedar. Cuts easy and fast.

 Josh F 
Verified Customer Review

Very good experience, saws good lumber. Very impressed on the shipping time. Easy to assemble. Very glad I went with woodland mills. Thank you Josh Frady

 Tim H 
Verified Customer Review

very good, every thing went good from purchases to set up, and operation. engine started on the first pull. it saws perfect lumber. it is well engineered and very tough. i intend to purchase more track soon. i love it. thank you all.

 Nick B 
Verified Customer Review

Setup of my hm 122 was easy and quick. Mills very nice lumber. Well worth the money. Seems to have lots of power. Thanks woodlands mills.

 Patrick S 
Verified Customer Review

I really love my mill and have about 100 logs ready to cut just wish I knew why I'm breaking blades I've cut 10 logs and already broke 2 blades if I could figure that out everything would be perfect

 John B 
Verified Customer Review

For my hobby projects it is everything I expected and more. Took couple days to assemble but I wanted it correct. Wish I had got 6 ft extension when I ordered it

 Kirkland D 
Verified Customer Review

Very satisfied

 Delbert W 
Verified Customer Review

I sure like my HM122 Sawmill, it has done very well for me. It took me about 3 hours to assemble and ready to start the motor to try cut my first log. I was very impressed on how easy it was to push the mill through the log. My first project was a pole barn witch I saw all lumber out of pine and cedar. I'm looking forward in many more projects.

 Kenneth L 
Verified Customer Review

I have the mill set up and operating after building a cover to get it out of the elements. I would have given a five star except my water tank for lubrication is leaking at the shut off on the tank, will try to repair it. Love the mill, it has cut about 10 Black Walnut logs which I use for jewelry boxes and bowl turning. The next project will be milling lumber from oak timber to build a barn. Thanks for every thing it is heavy duty and works well.

 Leona & 
Verified Customer Review

ease to assemble and works great.

 Raan M 
Verified Customer Review

As a bottom level mill it does a great job.. I did not give it 5 stars because the track is advertised to handle 10 ft logs, which is possible, but not practical. adding 6 inches to the track to make the advertised 10 ft log handling more feasible would be a good business decision.

 Jason D 
Verified Customer Review

HM122 is a great little mill. Arrived on Friday and I was sawing lumber Saturday morning.

 Richard B 
Verified Customer Review

So far I love it, made a few modifications like the scale mount position and added a deflector plate to keep the sawdust discharge all in one place. also added a third log support clamp

 Ryan F 
Verified Customer Review

Absolutely love my mill. I've already added two sections of track and am currently milling posts and beams for my new garage. Its versatile and had eliminated the need for the lumberyard.

 Luke W 
Verified Customer Review

This mill has been fantastic! My family and I have cut over 2,000 board-feet of black walnut since we got it. The Kohler engine chosen for this mill model is excellent, always starting on the first pull and it handles the load even out to 14"-16" width without complaining. The trolley design is well thought-out and durable. The band-wheels are heavy cast-iron with good machining and large bearings. A small issue with the plastic lubricant tank was handled immediately by customer support, who were responsive and very helpful. I shopped several saws in this price-point and the others either had a smaller (6hp) no-name engine or a terrible scale design, or some other short-cut. For the money, it would be very hard to beat this mill. Thank you!

 James C 
Verified Customer Review

We love our Woodland sawmill

 Jim M 
Verified Customer Review

My saw is performing beautifully and I am very pleased with my purchase. I use it almost every day. Presently I am cutting 6x6 beams from cedar for my grandson, who will use them for the foundation of a new greenhouse. I had an issue a few weeks ago with the blade not tracking. Your employee Gordon worked the problem with me and determined that the drive belt was worn out. I replaced that and the problem was solved immediately. I have challenged the saw with a 22 inch oak log and was able to deal with it, but the saw is more comfortable with logs in the 18 inch range. I will send photos soon.

 Eric D 
Verified Customer Review

I love mu sawmill

 Shane K 
Verified Customer Review

This mill has done so much for so little! We are building a barn and the mill has proven itself to be a great alternative to the lumber yard!

 Barry W 
Verified Customer Review

Love my mill. As with many things mechanical It took a little time to get accustomed to adjustments and such but have saved a ton of money on building materials for several projects around my place ! Thank you Woodland mills

 Bradley M 
Verified Customer Review

This machine works great. Its everything that your website told me it was!

 Michael S 
Verified Customer Review

I luv it , haven't cut much but its exactly what I wanted ,

 Jeremy G 
Verified Customer Review

Totally exceeded my expectations, had it together and running in less than an hr, cuts straight no issues whatsoever, has paid for itself three times over already. I highly recommend anything from woodland mills,best customer service ever

 Steve H 
Verified Customer Review

This changed our lives !! Love it - best thing I ever bought our fence looks amazing - so many endless possibilities

 Tom G 
Verified Customer Review

I am very happy with my HM122. It is more capable than i originally thought. It handle everything that i need it for and more. Thank you to the Woodland Mills team. Sincerely. Thomas Godin

 David N 
Verified Customer Review

Its a good beginners mill... holden up good i like the saw .....but if i had to buy agin id get the next size bigger saw ..... But over all great saw for the price. No problems. With the saw at all ive been through about 25 blades an still going strong ..... The koler engine is great..... Thanks woodland mills!

 David N 
Verified Customer Review

Its a good beginners mill... holden up good i like the saw .....but if i had to buy agin id get the next size bigger saw ..... But over all great saw for the price. No problems. With the saw at all ive been through about 25 blades an still going strong ..... The koler engine is great..... Thanks woodland mills!

 Fred B 
Verified Customer Review

I love this mill cut some 9x9 beams and 2 1/2 deck boards.

 Rob H 
Verified Customer Review

I love the mill. Super easy to put together and super easy to operate.

 Daniel O 
Verified Customer Review

My portable 8 AM 122 Sawmilll has been working great! I am totally satisfied with its performance and ease of use. I have been cutting mainly pine but some oak and other Softwoods. The boards and 2 x 4’s are being used to build my 22 x 32’ garage.

 Sheldon M 
Verified Customer Review

Loving my HM 122! Its been a flawless piece of equipment since I purchased it in the spring. Milled several thousand feet over the summer. Great investment, great product and top notch customer service.

 Chris S 
Verified Customer Review

The mill is awesome and performs exactly how I need it to, once it got set up. The only issue I had was the Kohler air filter cap was cracked, probably due to shipping. Not enough for me to complain. Thanks again Chris

 Aaron D 
Verified Customer Review

I love my hm. 122, only milled a few logs this summer, been way to busy for school and work so I’m really hoping I can use it when I get back home before winter comes along.

 Scott H 
Verified Customer Review

For several years, I was looking for a step up from my chainsaw mill. I did not have the need for mills that would be for large production, but I wanted something that would mill logs accurately. Also, the mill had to be reasonably light in weight, so that I could mount it on a trailer and manually move it into position in the woods to use logs bigger than what I could load and haul in my truck. Finally, it had to be inexpensive for me to justify the expense, not having any major projects needing the lumber. The HM126 had caught my eye, but then Woodland Mills developed the HM122, which fit my requirements better. As demonstrated by Woodland Mills, the mill is best suited to situations where sawing time is not critical. I cut a 10” red oak log with ease, but one must go slowly. I am cutting and plan to cut in the future small logs thinned from the woods, being mostly pine, aspen, and cherry, with an occasional oak log. The HM122 is excellent for the pine and aspen, and yet will cut the harder woods, if one does not push it. Given the blade adjustment capability, the sawyer can be sure that the cut is level, as long as the track is level. I found that having to mount the track on a custom trailer made the process of leveling the track quite easy. It is also important to get the saw carriage squared properly with the track, and the posts on which the saw head moves up and down must also be properly aligned with the carriage. The friendly tech support people were very helpful guiding me through that task. The HM122 has met my needs perfectly, and it has provided considerable enjoyment learning how to cut good lumber from small logs. I highly recommend it if you have similar needs as I have. The picture shows my HM122 on its trailer in position for cutting logs.

 Mike M 
Verified Customer Review

Great little unit. Made a shelter for my honey bees

 Mark D 
Verified Customer Review

Love good also make a little money

 Kurt D 
Verified Customer Review

Thank you Woodland Mills for providing a great little mill for an affordable price. We have been enjoying the benefits of having our own mill, if I need some lumber I have it right here any dimensions I want, at my fingertips! Setup was a challenge at first, once I decided to use steel ibeams for the base it was easy to square up and level. Thanks again. Kurt D. British Columbia Canada

 Donald H 
Verified Customer Review

I have enjoyed using my sawmill have mad a few things since I’ve had it

 Dingleberry W 
Verified Customer Review

Works excellent. Very easy set-up and maintenance is minimal. Definitely would buy more Woodland Products

 Nick M 
Verified Customer Review

Great hobby mill

 Darin H 
Verified Customer Review

Love this little mill. Wanting lumber for around the farm . Just what the doctor ordered

 Ryan J 
Verified Customer Review

Love my HM 122 mill. Very good craftsmanship. My only complaint is that I wish the 122 would come with the foot stools for leveling the mill.

 Hurby D 
Verified Customer Review

Great sawmill for the size I have cut oak,pine,cherry,sweetgum and cedar great saw

 Robert G 
Verified Customer Review

It's a nice sawmill and it doesn't really nice job only thing is I see is it could be a little bit bigger so you don't got a bigger log besides that I have no fault with it you just have to trim the logs down a little bit to get them through I would definitely recommend buying one again

 Bryan M 
Verified Customer Review

I’m very happy with our HM122. We hauled it to our remote cabin this winter with snow machines and assembled it in a day this spring and immediately began cutting beetle kill logs Turning them into lumber for our next building project. It has plenty of power and will save us thousands over the next few years by not having to haul in lumber.

 Jeff C 
Verified Customer Review

Well great saw for a home guy , able to cut what I want in thickness for anything I am doing in my cottage renovations. It works really well, cutting either cedar logs or red cherry logs. The biggest thing l learned was after about 10 to 12 cuts you should be checking everything to make sure your cuts stay true. This saw is perfect for the home guy to the maybe I would like to mill a little wood for friends. Jeff

 Joseph R 
Verified Customer Review

excellent experience with my new mill talked my wife into letting me purchase and couldn't be happier this machine will pay for itself in the first year I have cut oak, popular and maple so far will be adding the extension soon so I can cut 16' material to build the wife's new carport. Thank you woodland mills for an inexpensive but quality product!

 Terry H 
Verified Customer Review

The best thing since sliced bread

 James S 
Verified Customer Review

I like the saw but the blades I have to find a better way to sharpen sawmill blades I can't get the angle just right I don't have money to buy the sharper I would like one day

 Travis B 
Verified Customer Review

This is a very nice machine, it is well built out of quality materials and parts. The only thing about it that I would like to change is to have a bigger lube water tank.

 Brian A 
Verified Customer Review

It’s a great little saw. I’ve been running it for about 6 months now and it more than paid for its self.

 Craig K 
Verified Customer Review

Loving my sawmill once I got it figured out. Broke a few blades at first but it’s going great now.

 Tommie Smith 
2018-04-03 Verified Customer Review

We got the saw mill set up, and all the men had to have a turn, we are well satisfied with the mill, everyone was impressed, we already have a list of stuff we want cut and built, sadly we broke a blade, so had to order more, can't wait for them to get here so we can get back to it, 10 stars

 James Croisant 
2018-03-02 Verified Customer Review

I ordered my HM122 a month ago. With no tractor I built a log arch to move my logs. This is my first run and I am more than satisfied with the performance of this sawmill. Now that I have my test run done it's time to start moving the real logs into lumber. Thank you Woodland Mills for producing a good product.

 Eric Clark 
2018-02-22 Verified Customer Review

Got my mill put together and love it, easy to assemble, done most if it by myself, got the extra bunk in with an extra log clamp that I made myself.

 Paul Robinson 
2018-02-05 Verified Customer Review

Finally got to try out my sawmill today with some cedar logs. Attached a few photos for you to see. Thank you!!

 Kristopher Shields 
2018-01-11 Verified Customer Review

We assembled the HM122 the other day and all I can say is, "WOW"! The quality of material and craftsmanship was beyond my imagination! I wasn't expecting so much for the price! Assembly was fairly basic, but attention to detail is a must! Took us about 8 hours, which included setting up the temporary base/foundation (eventually will trailer mounted).. My first milling was making stickers and a few 4x4's from small storm damaged pines..... What a great entry level/hobby mill!

 Seth Allen 
2018-01-08 Verified Customer Review

Got the mill assembled and running. We were very impressed with the packaging for shipment, the quality of the manufacturing and the ease of assembly. It works very well and appreciate the videos you made. Look forward to many years of use out of this mill. Thank you Woodland Mills

 Clint Briant 
2017-11-24 Verified Customer Review

Put the first few test cuts through the 122 today. Aromatic Red Cedar and Wormwood Hickory. The cedar games from a fence post that my great grandfather built some 80 years ago and will be made into something to remember him with. I hadn't had my 2017 Woodland Mills HM122 long enough to have any cured lumber for projects yet but I'm getting a nice pile that will be in the shop soon enough. Here's a 7' walnut with crotch at both ends that I cut last Sunday. Here's the rest of the pile, Hickory, Walnut, Red Oak and Aromatic Cedar.

 Mike Payne 
2017-11-16 Verified Customer Review

We've enjoyed spending time together working on cutting and milling wood. We initially were milling with a chainsaw but it was an incredible amount of work, time and numerous chain saw blades. We had considered Woodland Mills for about a year before we finally made the decision to purchase a mill. With the Woodland Mill HM122, the amount of manual labor and rate of cutting went down significantly. The ordering and delivery process was very smooth. As a consumer, the flat rate shipping is wonderful. We look forward to many more projects in the woods and using the mill. I've talked with the technical support and they've been very helpful. The videos on the various Woodland Mills are amazing! We would give the product 5 stars based on value.

 Donald Varnadore 
2017-11-13 Verified Customer Review

WOW, My hm122 worth every dime! Delivery was fast and the driver was real nice. Saw mill was well packed and no damage Track setup and level in 4 hours. Head section only took 6 hours I'm 54 years old and did it all alone. Can't wait to get my wife and I a shop built so I can get it in a more suitable location. Can say this is by far the best tool in my collection.

 Jeff Goodson 
2017-10-24 Verified Customer Review

I ordered my HM122 2 weeks ago. But do to work I started setting it up last week. I put it together and then started to level it up. This I took my time. With two levels a string and a tape measure and a square it took 6 hours. I put the head on, tweeked it a little measured from one end to the other ever bunk side to side front to back. Once I had it even all the way down I put my first log on. Once the blade hit the wood 5 hours later I had this.

 Allen Willams 
2017-10-18 Verified Customer Review

Finally ready to start making sawdust!

 Michael Kuntz 
2017-10-10 Verified Customer Review

I have the HM122 2017 model. I've only got a couple logs milled with it so far, but I am really looking forward to all the projects I will be able to with this mill.

 Bradley Bristol 
2017-09-19 Verified Customer Review

Just got the saw set up and used for first time. Seems like a good machine!

 Mae Nowlin 
2017-09-15 Verified Customer Review

The first log sawed! This is the mill I got from you. Love how it works. Had no trouble setting it up, our son Wade told us we would break a couple of blades , but everything worked out great! photo of a few boards we did today. spruce. The small 122 with 7 horse Kohler engine, it purrs right through the log and does a beautiful job. I put a 5 gallon pail on the off side to catch the saw dust, use it in my chicken house to make cleaning the floor easier, plus it smells good! Some photos of our mill. we are getting it done before the snow flies!

 Randy Doolan 
2017-08-25 Verified Customer Review

I am having a good time with my sawmill the first thing I did was made a frame for it to be mounted on and it made it so much more durable when I load the logs . I did not like the throttle cable I order a new one. Here is some photos and one is the first thing I made. So far I rate it a 4 star

 Virgil Russon 
2017-08-10 Verified Customer Review

My first real project was a maple log from which I will be making some end tables. The sawmill worked perfectly and I was able to square the log and saw several dimensions of boards. I dont have a tractor for moving the logs, so I created a log hauler which you can see in the pictures. I am very pleased with the mill and the results that I am getting. lots fun to use and the boards coming off are consistent and square.

 Mark Simpson 
2017-08-02 Verified Customer Review

First cut on my Woodland Mills 122, a 10 inch log gave me a nice 5 3/4 x 6 3/4 cant. Here in the wilds of Labrador! Everyone doesn't have a cat or dog. So this is "Sawdust", a little squirrel that always comes running out of the bush whenever I start up my mill looking for a treat.

 Tony Parker 
2017-07-26 Verified Customer Review

I love my mill!!

 Arthur Seavey 
2017-07-24 Verified Customer Review

Enjoying my Woodland Mills saw very much. It is constructed very well and produces lumber as I want it, even down to paper thin thicknesses. Attached find a picture o me sawing some Ash lumber, which it handles easily and produces a pretty smooth board. I have been amazed at how little sawdust ends up on the sawroom floor!It is a huge bonus to have the support of and access to Woodland Mills staff willing to help with any issues. Thanks so much.

 Tim Locker 
2017-07-18 Verified Customer Review

After we got the tension system figured out we seem to be cutting fine. With the cold weather here we've been using the mill to cut a shed to get it out of the elements. A few more long pieces of dimensional and some tin and we should be mostly protected.

 Zack Bickford 
2017-07-08 Verified Customer Review

2017 hm122, first day with it up and running! Works great!

 Virgil Aurand 
2017-06-19 Verified Customer Review

I've been very happy with the mill and have made several beams and timbers for my projects. I'm building a timber frame tiny house/cabin and the mill is vital to producing the exact lumber I need. Here is the New chicken coop I built with timbers cut from my Woodland Mill. The corner posts, girts, rafters, flooring, roost and nesting boxes were all milled by me. (siding/roofing are cedar fence slats I had on-hand)

 John McGee 
2017-05-30 Verified Customer Review

Dear Woodland Crew, Here are some pics, of my HM122 and trailer. We built the trailer, which makes the mill really ridged and it's a great way of keeping busy in retirement. I'm the one in the hat and the other guy is a great welder!

 Stephen Meunier 
2017-05-29 Verified Customer Review

I absolutely love my sawmill. I have been working on a project for our cottage and milled pretty much all the lumber for it. I set it up a bit higher as most of the work is done at knee level for that exact reason, to be easier on the back. I have a small electric crane/winch to lift the really heavy logs up onto the mill. I am making board and batten for the cottage and also lumber for a lean to against our garage. I will send pics when I am done. I milled up some black ash and made some charcuterie boards this weekend. I got a taste of changing out my first blade as well this weekend. Unbeknownst to me there were a couple of nails in the tree and the tree had grown over top of them. It didn't destroy the blade but it dulled it pretty good. I put the new blade on and did some trial and error with the adjustment bolt on the left fly wheel until the blade stopped tracking and rubbing on the blade guides and turned freely. Re torqued the blade and I was off to the races. Here are a few pic of the boards sanded and finished

 Michael Reynolds 
2017-05-26 Verified Customer Review

This is my friend working the mill and we built a frame for it Michael Reynolds I love your mill!

 Chad Pawson 
2017-05-26 Verified Customer Review

It's a whole family affair, everybody loves it. It's not quite in its permanent location but we all cut the first log right in the garage!

 Tim Gow 
2017-05-18 Verified Customer Review

Id like to thank you folks for a very well made product . Set up took about half of a day and it cuts very well . Thanks again im very happy with the mill

 Kent Ryan 
2017-05-10 Verified Customer Review

Here's some 1x17 sinker cypress from the bayous

 Logan Blakney 
2017-05-10 Verified Customer Review

So far I am really enjoying my woodland mills sawmill and the customer service from you and your team has been excellent. I have used it to resaw some oak beams in Alberta and have since transported it to our cabin in the BC interior to mill some lumber.

 Thom Reutter 
2017-05-04 Verified Customer Review

Ordered my mill on a Wednesday night and it arrived Tuesday afternoon. Got it all set up by the following Saturday and loved it . First log I got 12 2x4s. And 3 1x9s

 Jim Davis 
2017-05-03 Verified Customer Review

I would rate both of them as 5 stars. Thanks for putting out great products.

 Brian & Rachel Ridley,- Ridley Family Sugar Farm 
2017-04-19 Verified Customer Review

We are really happy with it. Seems like great quality and I'm already glad we bought it. Thanks a lot!

 Rob Waywell 
2017-04-18 Verified Customer Review

Got the mill set up this weekend and looking forward to milling

 Tony Chrisco 
2017-04-07 Verified Customer Review

Overall I was impressed with this mill, everything was built solid and with great quality. I have sawed some red cedar and red oak and it performs great, boards come off smooth and straight. Set-up was definitely time consuming and i was a little disappointed with the lack of finer details in the instruction manual. Thanks for providing a great sawmill at an affordable price. Tony

 Caleb Shoulders 
2017-04-05 Verified Customer Review

The mill works great! I had to use a helicopter to get the crate out to the site then I assembled it on site. No complaints!

 John & Geri 
2017-04-03 Verified Customer Review

My husband has built a large picnic table, a shooting bench, several toys for our daughter and now he is working on a lean-to tractor shed. He said that the machine has just about paid for itself! He has other lumber cut in store as well. He says thats it makes him so happy to use the wood from our very own trees. I have picked up some scrap wood from his cuts and did some arrows! Thank you for selling us a must have on the homestead:) John and Geri

 Cliff Nelson 
2017-04-03 Verified Customer Review

Still adding some finishing touches to the now 20ft capable and mobile HM 122. Very excited to get to work! More pictures to come

 Brian Clarke 
2017-04-03 Verified Customer Review

I love my saw mill, I just finished cutting a large spruce to make log slab furniture, used it to cut lumber to frame a quick shelter over my saw mill and build a drying rack, thank you very much. Heres a bench I just finished for my friends wedding. They had all the guests sign it and then lacquered it, this pic is just before I delivered it to them. The bench was made of was a 157 year old Ash tree that blew over, complete with worm holes for character lol.

 Inez Lucas 
2017-03-31 Verified Customer Review

These are pictures of my husband working with the mill and some of the lumber he sawed, a few if the things that are made with the lumber. He is very pleased with the mill.

 Randy Butler 
2017-03-22 Verified Customer Review

The hm122 has been a great mill. Still saw lumber every weekend. Here is some 1x12 red cedar I cut on sunday. Not a regret in my mind buying this sawmill. Love the sawmill. And a few long leaf pine boards I cut the other day.

 Mark Koeppen 
2017-03-17 Verified Customer Review

All made with my HM122, I's enjoying it very much!

 Chris Rogers 
2017-03-17 Verified Customer Review

Got the HM122 mill and love it, cuts great, reasonable price, fast shipping , and a pleasure to run. Even got the wife to cut a couple a boards.

 John Porter 
2017-03-16 Verified Customer Review

Here are a few pictures. Most of it is mesquite - some pine - eucalyptus that is real pretty - real red, a table - the bar still in work - love the saw, John

 Nathan Read 
2017-03-15 Verified Customer Review

Here is a couple of pictures from earlier today. I got this pine out of the way for my blueberries I plan to plant. The lumber it produces will go to build a neighbor's chicken coop.

 Karen Smith 
2017-03-14 Verified Customer Review

Thanks for a great machine Woodland Mills!

 Eric Moore 
2017-03-13 Verified Customer Review

The first timber cut with the help of my Grandson Heinrich

 Ronnie Baker 
2017-03-07 Verified Customer Review

This is Ronnie Baker from Elkton KY with my Grandson and my HM122 Woodland Mills sawmill. I love it! l cut over 1000 bff oak and cedar. Cut up to 20"log with lt no problem.

 Paul Rogers 
2017-03-06 Verified Customer Review

Here are some of the projects we finished on my 122.

 Richard Ralston 
2017-03-02 Verified Customer Review

Got a little bit of cedar milled for a cedar chest order. And a quick little cedar end table. Also , a request for cutting boards .

 Jarrid Dorsey 
2017-03-01 Verified Customer Review

Love my HM122 and the custom lumber you can make with it! Been cutting cedar fireplace mantles and am cutting some new decking. Great mill, runs like a clock and is easy to use.

 Louis Herbert 
2017-02-28 Verified Customer Review

I just purchased the HM122 in early March and have been cutting about every day. This sawmill is awesome and does a great job! My stock pile is growing fast. Tim to get started building on the fence and a cover for the mill.

 Randy Lyner 
2017-02-24 Verified Customer Review

Love the sawmill. A few long leaf pine boards I cut the other day.

 Jess N Robbie Simmons 
2017-02-22 Verified Customer Review

Cutting some Virginia popular today, love this wood.

 Bill & Lisa Bennett 
2017-01-25 Verified Customer Review

The Woodland mill worked great. We used it to make half log siding for our log home project. The bottom of the house is full log and the upper section is stick built. We used the mill the make the half log siding and window trim out of 8"ť white cedar logs form a local supplier. I attached a few pictures.

 Larry Adams 
2017-01-25 Verified Customer Review

Saw Mill is great. I have built a 3 boards fence around my house and farm. My son has build a out side utility. building.I am logging to build a new hay barn.

 Johnny Pennington 
2017-01-17 Verified Customer Review

Recently purchased the HM122 Woodland Mills sawmill. Set up and cutting very nicely. Have been cutting seasoned red oak and poplar logs. Excellent mill.

 Dan Yates 
2017-01-17 Verified Customer Review

I am enjoying my mill. It was not difficult to put together at all. I mounted mine on a trailer then later ended up removing it. I have cut about 5000 board feet of lumber on it and have not had any issues. I think this mill is perfect for the hobbyist or someone with a small business. It has been perfect for me. I am considering upgrading to the larger mill in the future and woodland mill will definitely have my business. I wouldn't use any other mill company. Thank you to woodland mills and their wonderful company and staff. Thanks, Dan

 Ben Hodgson 
2017-01-04 Verified Customer Review

Here's my new mill back in the shop after finishing its first black cherry log.

 Chris Deloach 
2017-01-02 Verified Customer Review

It is affordable and has done everything I have asked of it. Chris

 Mike Godbey 
2016-12-28 Verified Customer Review

A picture of it up and running.......Thank you so much it runs great! Mike Here is a chicken coop built with the lumber from my mill

 Rick Williams 
2016-12-23 Verified Customer Review

I just wanted to touch base again about the 722 I purchased in September 2016. I love it! The machine came just two days after you confirmed the shipping and I couldn't wait to set it up. The assembly went very smoothly and took me a couple of days working alone. My daughter built a house next to us and the trees from the lots are stacked and waiting for me turn them into lumber. I have used it to saw poplar, cherry, and some red pine so far. Technical assistance was quick and effective when I called about the blade guides adjustment. I would highly recommend this mill. I am very happy to have found your company and product. See the photo attached.

 Jim Middleton 
2016-12-20 Verified Customer Review

I've never been so happy with a sawmill! I mounted it on a 25 ft. Trailer so I can take it to the trees and do custom sawing. This one shows a log on the mill 22 inches at one end and 19 inches at the other. Out of that I got 14 2x6 18 ft long.

 Lester Gothard 
2016-12-12 Verified Customer Review

Got my HM122 up and running. Really enjoying it. Just wish I'd got into milling sooner. Lester

 David Sharkey 
2016-12-09 Verified Customer Review

These are all the benches that i have made from dead pecan trees that was kust laying around decaying into nothing Thanks for checking in. I love my machine.

 Casey Bigelow 
2016-12-05 Verified Customer Review

Dear Woodland Mills, I have cut 8"x8" s all the way down to 1"x4"s... This is my first mill and it was easy to learn. Everything on the mill is user friendly. I cut my own 2x6's to build an addition to my barn. I am currently cutting cants to be sawn into 1"x14''s to use as interior siding at the river house. No regrets or buyers remorse here! Great customer service as well!

 John Clayman 
2016-11-28 Verified Customer Review

Saw arrived quickly and in good shape. My son came over after he got off work Friday night and wanted to help with assembly so I get the Coleman lantern out. we get track assembled and power head on the track. My 8 year old grandson and I finished up assembly in the daylight Saturday morning and cut a few boards. Saved some of that log so my son could try a cut or two. I still need to finish leveling the blade, but I sure think I'm loving it to this point. John

 Raymond Bramlett 
2016-11-16 Verified Customer Review

I just completed a 1 week milling project at my cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We milled up 60 posts and beams ranging in size from 6x6x8' to 6x10x16'. Raymond

 Shawn Keats 
2016-11-06 Verified Customer Review

The first log on the new mill. The saw works great.

 Jennifer Funk & Bob Greenfield 
2016-11-04 Verified Customer Review

That was Christmas morning when he got it, and the live edge cedar Fence we made with it!

 Brian Heidtke 
2016-10-31 Verified Customer Review

I absolutely love this mill. It was easy to set up and operate. I have been sawing poplar, black walnut and eastern red cedar. Finally got a shed milled and built over it. Looking forward to sawing out a barn and maybe a cabin in the future.

 Dale Sissell 
2016-10-26 Verified Customer Review

The mill has been great. The videos on line on how to tension and track the blade are super helpful. It is well built and with a little bit of practice I was able to mill some very nice lumber. Attached are some pictures of a deer blind I have started. Thanks again for a great product and service.

 Leslie Wilson 
2016-10-25 Verified Customer Review

We love this saw mill. It was easy to put together and runs smoothly, we used it the same day we put it together. We have a log home and this sawmill is going to come in handy. Thank you for such a wonderful product, that wasn't complicated to put together or run.

 Daniel & Kevin Wadhams 
2016-10-21 Verified Customer Review

I got the sawmill assembled today. Took about 5 hours of hitting steady. Lots of very heavy duty pieces. Quality of the unit is best I've seen of any big piece of equipment I've ever put together. It appears to be a powder coated finish. Super heavy welds and gussets. All hardware included was top notch in boxes. Either chrome or galvanized bolts and nuts. Nuts were all the nylon or aircraft anti-vibration kind. Stainless cables, nice rubber plugs for open ended tubing and pipes. Everything about it appears to be well thought out and very Mercedes Benz like.... Instructions were clear and good photos of what goes where. I think this one smokes the Harbor Freight copy, especially for same cost. They also included full leather gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, and canister to hold paperwork and warranty info on the unit. It's a beast. We couldn't have built one this nice or as substantial. All of the actions are very smooth. It rolls great, it cranks up and down with ease, and all of the controls appear to be very well thought out and placed where they need to be. One little feature we found was a wheel scraper to continuously clean the rails of sawdust. Very nice piece of equipment. Attached are some photos of what we have been up to with the mill. Here we are cutting white oak boards for use in residing old barn on the farm. We also ran across a large walnut burl on a log that we were able to slice into some very nice dinner plate size coasters. Still love the mill. You can see the mill is mounted on an old trailer we had that makes the mill really portable. We have it set up to cut up to a 25 foot long log. I pull the mill on the trailer with my little Ford Escape with no problem.

 Bryan Cooper 
2016-10-11 Verified Customer Review

I am loving my 722 from Woodland Mills. I have sawn poplar 2x's for my brother to help him finish framing his barn. Currently I am working on replacing the railings around my porch. As you can see from the pictures, I am using cedar for the framing and have incorporated laser cut metal panel inserts that have been custom cut for the project. I really appreciate the customer service I have received with Woodland Mills. It is something of a rarity these days. I spent around 2 years researching sawmills before purchasing the 722 and I must say, it has met and even exceeded my expectations. I would and have already recommended Woodland Mills to anyone who has inquired.

 Dan Jackson 
2016-10-11 Verified Customer Review

Having fun with my new 722 saw mill! Cutting black walnut getting ready to build 46 x 60 2 inches thick. I have been making Barbie Furniture for my grandkids and a black walnut bench Just started on an office desk it will also be blank walnut ~ all lumber cut on my 722 sawmill.

 Scott Hendrix 
2016-10-11 Verified Customer Review

Some of my mill work with my HM122

 Shawn Jackson 
2016-10-06 Verified Customer Review

Really enjoying this 722 mill. It works great!

 Josh Roberts 
2016-09-27 Verified Customer Review

Here are some photos of my 722 and milled oak and hickory. Thank you for a great product!

 Shane Keats 
2016-09-23 Verified Customer Review

The sawmill works great!

 Allen Duke 
2016-09-20 Verified Customer Review

Aspen night stands milled on my 722! Loving the mill!

 Patrick Paquet 
2016-09-15 Verified Customer Review

Hello ~ I'm really satisfied with my purchase and it's a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you

 JP Vandenberg 
2016-09-13 Verified Customer Review

The mill has preformed flawlessly so far. The engine has appropriate power and honestly it starts like a dream. I have 40 + tamarack trees that were all killed by the larch beetle a few years ago, and I have been harvesting them since. They all age between 40 and 90 years old. You can see it the background on one of the pictures with a log on the mill that I have a nice stack of lumber already. Unfortunately, the recent -30 weather we have had, has kept me inside and away from the mill. Thanks for making a great product! JP

 Jan Kammersgaard 
2016-08-16 Verified Customer Review

Finally got the permanent location all done. It's ready to go! Picture 1, Black cherry, Picture 2, log bunks, track extensions into storage shed(doors yet to be made) Picture 3 shows the log loading ramp! Jan

 Shannon Merriam 
2016-08-09 Verified Customer Review

I love this mill. It is going to help me create many pieces of furniture. Attached is the first piece and I have many more to build, Shannon

 Stephen Grant 
2016-08-09 Verified Customer Review

Taken a while but finally got it together! First cut!! Thank you Stephen

 Lawrence Cook 
2016-08-05 Verified Customer Review

Boat trailer transformed for my mill. Turned out great and I can't wait to test it out on some logs tomorrow. Still a great little mill that is perfect for all my projects. Thanks again Woodland Mills. Here is a pic from today sawing out some balsam. Just one of many that were done today with this little work horse. Cutting some pine, cedar and cherry, Thank-you, I love this thing.

 Larry Duffy Jr 
2016-07-30 Verified Customer Review

Here are some pictures of the chicken coop I built. I milled the lumber using my 722 sawmill.

 Ryan Wheeler 
2016-07-04 Verified Customer Review

I have been super busy so have not had enough time to do what I would really like with my new sawmill but I have set it up and cut a few boards... Ryan

 Gary Parmenter 
2016-06-21 Verified Customer Review

Here are some pictures of the saw and a little hangout cabin I'm building. I'm using the 722 to cut the siding boards out of logs from my woods. I was using an Alaskan King chain saw mill to cut siding but there was no way I was going to get it done before the snow flies. With the 722 that's not going to be a problem. Actually, most of the front and all of the end was done with the 722. Some of the siding on the far side of the door and all of the end that you can't see was done with the chain saw.

 Tony Joseph 
2016-05-17 Verified Customer Review

Here is a picture of the project I am working on with the 722 I just bought from Woodland mills. Here is a photo of the cabin I have been building. Some of the structural wood I made with the 722 and all of the siding was done with the mill. I love the woodland mill very much and use it constantly. Thanks Woodland mills for the great deal and excellent transaction. I would recommend to all who are interested.

 Yew Chai 
2016-05-17 Verified Customer Review

I am absolutely thrilled with the 722. I got it all setup and ready to go in less than a day. The mill is a high quality built mill with a lower price tag than some of the mills out there. I milled our first beam towards our barn and I am slowly getting better at it. Here are a few pictures of the mill and our first beam. Thanks again for offering a high quality mill at an affordable price tag.

 Justin Miller 
2016-04-14 Verified Customer Review

2016 model 722 , Here is a picture of my son milling siding . So far we have milled all siding for our home and built a 30'x30' barn completely with lumber milled by the 722 .

 Jake Schneider, 
2016-03-23 Verified Customer Review

I got my Sawmill up and running and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for a great product! We are the owner and operator at Banning & Acre Woodworking Co. you can see us on Face Book Banning & Acre Woodworking Co.

 Larry Duffy 
2016-03-14 Verified Customer Review

Here are some pictures of the chicken coop i built. I milled the lumber using my 722 saw mill.

 Devin Burton 
2016-02-29 Verified Customer Review

Thanks guys, great mill!

 Brock Donatelli 
2016-02-03 Verified Customer Review

The 722 paid for itself today, 2 months of running it! Thanks to the awesome customer service!

 Mike Ceci 
2015-12-29 Verified Customer Review

Finally got to use my Mill, it's awesome.

 Mark Wood 
2015-07-23 Verified Customer Review

Incredible mill! Just planed my first wood cut on my HM122. Made Shiplap for our new barn house conversion. The most rewarding thing is to see wood on stump to wall in a matter of a few weeks (solar kiln involved). I am really impressed with the mill as well as the customer service from your team. It is pine cut off of my property. By the way the mill is set up on two 4" channel iron 20 feet long. I have not seen this set up used by anyone else. I really thank Woodland mills for making a mill that is affordable and the same quality as the more expressive mills on the market.

 Phil Naegele 
2015-05-06 Verified Customer Review

Here are some photo of my cabin project. All timber was harvested and skidded with a chainsaw winch. All lumber was off the 722 mill. All work including hauling and assembling mill was done solely by me. I had some wavy cuts after I had accidentally hit my screw jack. I replaced the blade and readjusted the mill and the timbers and beams were very square after that. I have been working steady on my project but the rainy season has come and it looks like I am almost done for the year. I was able to get floor joist in and assemble two timber frame bents. Mill is working well. FYI - Slabwood in picture is temporary flooring so I can walk around while working on the project.

 Glenn Lilly 
2015-04-02 Verified Customer Review

Siding I sawed with my 722 sawnill and a bit of pine I sawed. White spruce from Newfoundland and 16 inches in diameter.

 Jesse Yahne 
2015-03-09 Verified Customer Review

I'm really happy with the mill and its performance. Looking forward to accomplishing a lot of projects!

 Shawn Sellars 
2014-12-07 Verified Customer Review

Live edge mantle, made from Newfoundland juniper, it was a gut full for the 722 but it handled it well!!!! The mill is great!!! Soon starting to mill lumber for my cabin build, will add pics to the site as things progress!!

 Penny & Michael Kent 
2014-10-07 Verified Customer Review

Got my 722 mill set up today. I took my time squaring and leveling track until perfect, before cutting, and I have to say it cut very smooth and accurate.

 Randy Butler 
2014-08-15 Verified Customer Review

Love the sawmill. A few long leaf pine boards I cut the other day. The hm122 has been a great mill still saw lumber every weekend here is some 1x12 red cedar I cut on sunday. Not a regret in my mind buying this sawmill.

 Kenneth Warren 
2014-06-23 Verified Customer Review

It does a good job Woodland Mills. I love it.

 Tim Eashappie 
2013-06-03 Verified Customer Review

The 122 is super portable and I can haul and setup from the back of a quad to remote locations. Cutting Pine kill.......looking forward to sending you guys a video when it's out on remote locations at work. Thanks for the Great tool!

 Ernest Nelson 
2012-04-17 Verified Customer Review

Finally got to test run the Hm122 that I purchased way back this spring. Took some time to fabricate this trailer that multi purposes to haul my ATV and or logs to my destination. This Mill is awesome!